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Geolin exploration services encompass a wide range of geo- and petroleum engineering sciences, for that geological investigations and consultations play a major role in determining the key data deployed for surface and field studies, among others geological modelling, source estimation, reservoir simulation, engineering problem solutions as provided on well site to ensure optimal drilling performance and field safety. Objectives pursued by Geolin to the oil and gas exploration sector through the services supplied, shown hereinafter:


- Geological Consultations , 

- Core Analysis , 

- Mud Logging Services.

In addition, for considering the special industrial demands the oil & gas exploration sector claims due to the concomitant market developments or individual developing needs of our clients, Geolin supplies at request the oil and gas exploration market for the prior mentioned with the following enumerated special services:

- Technical Consultations and Turnkey Solutions,        


- Field Equipment Supply

For that, we have been asked for consultations by numerous oil companies, among them the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC), to evaluate their applied field units, and furnish technical cost effective solutions for maintenance programmes that incorporate upgrade perspectives to the state-of-the-art technology. Same was meant for core analysis. Tasks achieved by Geolin with due diligence, for possessing mature know-how, flexible and state-of-the-art technology  ( refer to products ) .



Further, the following educating opportunities for both individual and industrial demands are offered by us:

- Schooling apprentice,           


- Industrial Training.


Last we take proud in to say that many leading managers in the field of oil and gas exploration in the Middle East have made their first step of career through Geolin .

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