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Mud Logging Services count for one of the major activities supplied to the oil & gas exploration sector. First applied on well site for geological investigations and consultations, among others sample logging ( earliest type of well logs ), the scope of services increased over time engaging a wide range of geo- and drilling engineering sciences, adapted for drilling performance evaluation and optimization, implying economical and foremost field safety measures. Supported by high-tech processing and transmission facilities, Mud Logging Services have become a leading hub for drilling operations, thus high priority for oil & gas field exploration services, indispensable for optimal and safe drilling performance.

Geolin Advanced Mud Logging Units are state of art technologies. The Systems provided are distinct by their modular design. A distinguished concept followed up by us to realize a wide range of flexible on-/off-line applications to meet the various field requirements, challenges and client demands.

The Mud Logging Units are standard equipped with high-tech surveillance and processing facilities, deployed on drilling site for real time on-line data acquisition, processing and monitoring facilities as shown on this site. The units are due to client request and geological environment utilized according the stipulated field conditions and client demands.

Geolin On-Line Data Acquisition, Processing & Monitoring Systems are developed and supported by company:

-  Privately owned Know-How


-  Up to date technologies

-  Geolin distinguished software utilities

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