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Reform Program                                                          April, 2011


On the basis of the experience of Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy* and in collaboration with Mr. El-Sayed El-Tarabili, directing manager of Geolin GmbH; Geolin takes pride to announce the publication of a series of articles (8 in total), setup by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy and Mr. El-Sayed El-Tarabili, with the title:

‘’ Science and Research Reform Program ’’

This week at

The series provides critical analyses of the status of science and university education in Egypt , delineate its sources of sharp descent and points to possible remedies against its final collapse.

It is based on the report prepared 1993 by Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy and submitted to the former president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak, under the name “A Critical Analysis of the Status of Science and University Education in Egypt: Sources of the Sharp Descent and Remedies Against a Final Collapse”.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy and Mr. El-Sayed El-Tarabili propose this work as a highly recommended program for the development of the educational and scientific research centers of the republic of Egypt and the surrounding developing countries, as it is based on a long scientific and educational experience.

We shall provide all links to the series to download at due time, starting with the first article (part one of the series) issued at Monday, the 11th of April, 2011


1)  Part 1:  Introduction   / 11.04.2011   4597

2)  Part 2:  Science / Research Indication  / 16.04.2011

3)  Part 3: Science / Research Indication  / 27.04.2011

4)  Part 4: Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)   / 02.05.2011    

5)  Part 5: The Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority (EMRA) / 23.05.2011

6) Part 6: The Sources of Underdevelopment / 15.05.2011   


7)  Part 7: The Sources of Underdevelopment / 29.05.2011

8)  Part 8: Science and Research Reform Program / 03.06.2011

With best regards

El-Sayed El-Tarabili         Directing Manager


Hisham El-Tarabili            Directing Manager


Prof. Dr. Ahmad El Goresy      

In Memory of Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy, Geolin shall reissue the outstanding work of great significance, titled

and published by Dr. Ahmed El Goresy and El-Sayed El-Tarabili, in due time on a special Site in recognition of all efforts and outstanding collaboration experienced between Geolin and Dr. Ahmed El Goresy.

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