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Date: 20.06.2010


We take proud to announce the release of our critical review towards the economical development of the republic of Egypt, set up by El-Sayed El-Tarabili, Geolin GmbH directing manager and the leading scientist Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Goresy*, at the daily news paper of the national party of Egypt, Al-Wafd, on June the 20th, 2010, and its website at the following Link:

The article heralds a series of essays to be disclosed at the same news paper of the esteemed national party Al-Wafd in due time of this month.


All best wishes to the republic of Egypt and all Arabic countries and abroad nations, we wish to dedicate our vast knowledge and experience.

With best regards


Geolin GmbH

El-Sayed El-Tarabili         Directing Manager


Hisham El-Tarabili           Directing Manager


Dr. Ahmad El Goresy     


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